Results in Health, Wealth, Business, And Relationships

Do you desire true results?

  • Live your wildest dreams
  • Creat the result you want
  • Achieve any outcome you desire

Do you know ?

Then you’re probably aware of his legendary seminar “Unleash The Power Within”. If so, you are most likely to take care of personal development. Correct?

This seminar is outstanding! Because it creates true results for your health and wealth, business or career, and your relationships! This is the right seminar for you, if you have some space for improvements in one or some of these areas?

This year it’s online available only, which is a bit unfortunate. Because participation in an online seminar on your computer, releases very little energy, motivation, and sustainability. But we can watch it together, and celebrate a Transformation Party Weekend, for which you are invited. But only, if you are interested in growing beyond yourself.

This nonprofit event will be in Kerobokan, Bali. And you may contribute, by sharing your prana to the growth of the other participants. And in return, you will get back a multiple of energy and motivation, due to the dynamics of the Transformation event.

On a big screen, we’ll follow this unique seminar, while relaxing around the pool, doing group work and exercises, laugh and dance together, sharing good vibes and high fives. Accommodation is available only for up to 14 people. Anyway, if you live nearby, you also can drop in for the 4 party nights! Even if it’s more beneficial for the prana, dynamics, motivation, and energy if you’ll accommodate on-site!

This long weekend is on the first weekend in June. And it will dramatically improve your health, wealth, business or career, and relationships! Which I can prove by experience: Life will never be the same!



Do you know, why this is the best seminar?

Because it creates true results

Make your dreams come true

True Results Creating Transformation Party

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Location, dates, and prices

How to achieve truly the outcome you want?

Practically, achieving a true result means, reaching one of your targets. It requires, that you’ve been motivated enough, to give yourself a promise:

I will not rest until I truly achieved this result!

And due to that, you followed up on your plan, until your vision came true.

Do you desire true results?

For example, business development, handling fears and stress, improved relationships, career progress, or being a better parent? No matter how “crazy” your dreams are. One of the world’s #1 trainers on personality, business development, and motivation, shares this secret: How to make your dreams come true!

Are you willing to contribute and receive a big reward?

Let’s have some fun, by watching for 4 nights this legendary seminar online. We will stay together at a villa in Kerobokan, with a group of like-minded personal development enthusiasts! We progress together through the seminar, to create amazing energy and fantastic prana, and contribute to each other’s growth. Just share your pranayama at the party:

The giver profits even more than the receiver

So, share this invitation with 3 friends, from whom you think they would benefit the most from it. Because if you are not sharing your learnings, is like climbing up a ladder, and pulling it up after you. So that, no one can follow. Dance, give and receive plenty of high fives, hugs, and energy. Make some new friends, who support you to transform yourself to the next level!

After the Transformation Party Weekend

Life will never be the same!

Join the Transformation Party!

Apply For The True Results Creating Transformation Party

 Generate any outcome you want

When and where will it take place?

For this non-profit event in Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia, we will only share the cost for accommodation and infrastructure.

PLUS: You receive all the good vibes and energy of a group event!

Location, dates, and prices

One of the methods you will learn about are these 3 proven steps:

1. Planning The Outcome

Firstly, identify the plan to create the result:
Learn from other people, who already produced the true results you desire.

2. Clarity About Your Targets

Secondly, clarify the idea of the outcome:
If you are having a fuzzy image of your dream, you cannot reach it. The best time to refine it, was when you created this dream. Now, is your second-best chance to clarify it. There won’t be a third-best chance. Even worse, each day you procrastinate, you are moving further away from your dream. So, get clarity!

3. Mood

Thirdly, control your mood:
Focus on your prana, activities, and set up the autopilot to proceed toward the destiny of your dreams.


Those 3 easy-to-understand steps allow you to produce your ultimate results, and to experience the true realization of your dreams.


Learn, laugh, dance, grow,
and as the result, you upgrade yourself to the next level!

Further, you will get to know a step-by-step process, including mastering the 3 proven steps above.

Get the desired results in any area of your life

This 4-night event is unique, to serve you with transforming content, that advances you from wherever you’re starting. And it will ignite your mental, physical, financial growth, and improve your relationships.

Grow your vitality

What’s the most important factor to create an extraordinary quality of living? The answer is energy. Discover effective strategies to experience vibrant energy, lasting health, and perfect vitality. The Transformation Weekend will not only help you to understand the importance of health but teach you, how to develop the strategies needed to maintain superior vitality in every facet of yourself. On Sunday it dives deep into the influence of nutrition. You’ll understand, how you can boost your energy, health, and your success in producing vitality. You’ll also hear from those who already know, what it means to be truly healthy. Finally, you’ll have your full energy permanently available for everything you want to do.

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Financial abundance

Develop a clear target of what you want to achieve financially, build a plan, and create strategies for sustained momentum.

Improve your essential relationships

Communication is fundamental: Master the great skills of rapport and influence, to maximize your effectiveness as a manager, lover, businesswoman or man, mother, and father.

When will it take place?

This 4-night Transformation Party Weekend will take place on the first weekend in June. We are sharing the cost for the infrastructure of this non-profit event. As a result, your participation including the accommodation will be only a fraction, compared to attend it alone on your computer.

PLUS: You receive all the good vibes and energy of a group event!

Location, dates, and prices



Entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist, and the #1 life and business strategist in the US. Over the last 40 years, more than 50,000,000 participants, including top performers, world-class professionals, and billionaires, appreciated the sympathy, fun, and transformational influence of his business and personal development seminars. Further, he is the writer of six internationally bestselling books and the originator of the #1 personal and professional development program of all time. And he wants you to know

  • That you have that knowledge already inside of you.
  • You just have to take that next step.
  • The future is completely yours.

If you don’t like

  • your life, change it,
  • your body, change it,
  • the way you feel, change it,
  • your finances, change them,
  • your relationship, change yourself first.

Because otherwise, you run the same problem over again!

Is the Transformation Party Weekend for you?

When you attend, you’ll join an international group of 14 inspiring people, staying at the same accommodation. They are entrepreneurs, yogis, creatives, gurus, leaders, dreamers, spiritual healers, teachers, students, personal development junkies, and so on. But there is one characteristic required from everyone, who wants to attend:

The willingness to learn, grow and transform,
to become the best version of themself

And that’s what we expect from you. For that reason, you cannot book it straight away, but you’ll have to apply for your participation. But if you have a strong desire

  • To be the architect of your life,
  • Live life according to your plan,
  • Enjoy continuous and never-ending learning,
  • Overcoming your limitations,
  • Breaking borders along your way,
  • And optimize your abilities, to produce true results

You belong to the transformation party!

Apply For The Transformation Party Weekend

Visualize your transformed life

Take a moment and dare to picture the life of your dreams. What does it look like?

  • More free time to spend with your family and loved ones?
  • Crushing that “I don’t have it in me today” feeling for good and tapping into unlimited energy?
  • The feeling of purpose and less stress in your day-to-day life?
  • A healthier body, and the figure you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Ultimate financial freedom?
  • And the ability to give back and contribute?
  • What does it look like?
  • How does it feel like?

The Transformation Party Program gets you there, and beyond. Independent on how your ideal life looks like. You will embody the skills to make it happen.

Create the life you desire and deserve

Scan this Transformation Party With The WhatsApp QR Code Scanner of Your Mobile Phone

Scan this with the WhatsApp QR Code Scanner of your mobile phone


How much does it cost?

For this non-profit event. We will only share the cost for infrastructure and accommodation, which is limited to 14  guests. Because we are sharing it, your participation including the accommodation will be only a fraction, compared to attending it alone on your computer.

PLUS: You receive all the good vibes and energy of this unique group event!

Location, dates, and prices

Apply For The Transformation Party Weekend

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