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Yoga Business as a Yoga Instructor

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As soon as you are a certified yoga teacher after finishing your yoga teacher training (YTT) it is time to hold out for yoga instructor jobs. Now, the most essential question for you will be: How do I start my own business as a yoga teacher, after finishing my yoga teacher training?

Yoga Business as a Yoga TeacherBecause finishing teacher training may be a great milestone and an enormous breakthrough to starting an exquisite teaching career. The time and money you invested within the program and networking can pay off. Engage in learning and developing more as a teacher, have faith, and be yourself. As everything you believe in, always works out for you in the end!

Even if hardly anybody gets rich or even makes a decent living only by yoga instructor jobs in yoga studios. It is important to internalize this at the beginning. Think of your studio classes as your selling platform for your own brand, retreats, and private classes. That’s why it is necessary to make additional streams of income. But there are many ways for yoga instructor jobs. The two most reliable are to offer private, or small group classes, and arranging retreats.

Develop Your Yoga Business as a Yoga Instructor

Yoga Business as a Yoga Instructor

To fill both with participants, you need to build a community of fans, followers, or however you want to call the regular participants in your classes. Giving classes routinely for gatherings of 20-30 individuals is your chance. To make that work, you need to promote your own classes. While studios pay usually IDR 300,000 per class for doing the yoga instructor job in Bali, a private yoga educator can charge IDR 1 to 3,000,000 an hour or more.

If you are having a yoga instructor job in a yoga studio, it is a good opportunity to promote your own retreats. Mostly they don't have any problem if you are announcing your retreats, especially if they are held on their premises. And many studios will even support them on their website and through their sales channels. Announce your retreats in each of your classes, create it a habit. If you supply 2 - 4 retreats a year, you may double your yearly income.

Organizing our initial retreats is going to be a bit of a challenge. Consider it as an investment in yourself, which stimulates your growth as a yoga teacher. You may choose new, exotic locations to stay contemporary.

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