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Water Blessing In Bali

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A Water Blessing contains

  • A mysterious and ancient ritual
  • It cleanser and eradicates negative energy
  • A unique spiritual event
  • Purification healing ritual, and
  • A Deep symbolic experience

Prana Healing Water Blessing In Bali

Water represents the flow of energy (also known as prana or chi), which connects our emotions and intuition. According to Hinduistic beliefs, water is one of the 3 key forces of life. Balinese Hindus participate in water blessings regularly, a spiritual cleansing ritual aimed to achieve purification of both the body and soul.

Benefits of Water Blessing and Cleansing

The Water Purification rituals encompass mysterious and ancient rituals to cleanse our being and eradicate negative energy. This unique spiritual event is a genuine purification healing ritual, a deep symbolic experience, which positively influences everyone that receives it long after it happens.

For the blessing, you will be invited to receive a holy water cleansing. A Balinese Mangku will pour gradually the holly water over your head and body. Expect to get completely wet. You may want to bring a towel and a second dress, to change into dry clothes after the ceremony.

Taking photos is allowed during blessings. If you want to take pictures, a 📷 dive case or a plastic bag to protect your camera or mobile phone against humidity is a good idea.

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Water Blessing by Parna Healing Ni Komang Sukerni

Komang Sukerni - Prana Healing Water Blessing In Bali

Komang Sukerni, commonly called Sinta, was born in 1981 in Singaraja, Buleleng on Bali's north coast. She learned all about the traditional ceremonies from her father and her grandfather, who both are Hindu Mangkus. She studied yoga and discovered her healing skills. Now, her talents and calling have caught up with her. Komang's profound spiritual roots will guide you to a higher level.

Dates For The Water Blessing Ceremony

Not every day is suitable for water blessings in Bali, especially regarding healing practices. Please consult Komang to choose a good day from the Balinese calendar.

A Water Blessing Holy Water Cleansing day trip includes

The Water Blessing* includes mystery and a series of cleansings to purify your being. It removes negative energy, like nothing else. This event is a cleaning healing, a deep symbolic experience, which positively influences everyone that receives it.

  • Pick up at your accommodation

  • Car or bus roundtrip to the water temple

  • Lunch snacks and drinks

  • Sarong

A sarong is a traditional Balinese dress, which is required during the ceremony.

  • Locker

A cabinet with a key to store your valuables during the blessing.

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Price: € 50 to € 60 per person

Please note and respect the Balinese Hindu tradition, that Women on their menstrual cycle, are not allowed to enter a temple, and should not participate in a Water Blessing Ceremony.

* There is no price tag on blessings in Bali. But a little donation to the temple is appreciated. The donations are used to maintain the sanctum and the facilities of the temples of Bali.

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