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Pranayam Healers – 4 Myths About Prana Healing

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What are Pranayam Healers? And what are the 4 most common myths about Prana Healing?

What is a Pranayama Healer?

Pranayam Healers - 4 Myths About Prana Healing

A Pranayam Healer can descend to the vibration of the client and thus become drained from the experience. This does not occur in Pranayama Healing: The Energy to Heal as long as we use the techniques to hold a naturally high resonance. Perhaps one day, a healer will be known as resonant physicians.

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Pranayam Healers Myth #1:

Healers have some sort of rare and incredible gift.

The truth is, that children, seniors, and everyone in between can learn to be healing practitioners. I would even go so far as to say that physicians and people with postgraduate degrees can learn to do this healing work. There have been many acclaimed "healers" whose talents have been well documented and accepted as genuine.

  • Healing is real. Becoming a highly effective healing practitioner is one of the easiest skills to learn. Experience a healing session:

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Pranayam Healers Myth #2:

No one else would ever be able to learn this.

Pranayama Healing is a wonderful stand-alone therapy for people with no previous training. This may well be the easiest healing technique that there is to learn. Nearly everyone can learn to do extraordinary treatment after two days of training. It is so easy, you can easily learn from this book. Children can usually learn to do this work almost immediately. Pranayama Healing: The Energy to Heal will empower people to relieve a tremendous amount of pain and suffering of friends and loved ones. It is truly one of the essential life skills we should all know. On a purely selfish and personal level, I wish to live in a world where healing is considered real, where curing is universally practiced, and where humanity's kind and generous good nature can be readily expressed. For these and numerous other heartfelt desires, I invite you to join me on a wondrous journey of discovery - the discovery of Pranayama Treatment.

  • Healing is a great and tremendous joy. Anyone with a strong desire can learn this.

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Pranayam Healers Myth #3:

I would never be able to learn this.

  • You can learn to be an extraordinary healing practitioner.

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Pranayam Healers Myth #4:

The Healer heals the body of the client.

No one can heal anyone else. The person in need of healing is the healer. The practitioner simply holds a resonance to allow the body to heal itself. Trusting the process is essential. The work may cause temporary pain, or other distressing symptoms, that are all part of the curing process. The life-force and the treatment process work with complexity and wisdom that are beyond our conception and comprehension.

  • The true healer is the person receiving the energy. The practitioner is merely acting as the catalyst to allow the healer to heal him or herself.

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