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Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization


Healing For You, Your Most Loved Ones,
Community, The Planet, The Whole Universe

Spreading The Fine Art of Prana Healing

About The Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization

The purpose of this Foundation and Charity Organization is to make the knowledge and methods of Prana Healing available, to enable everyone to heal themselves, their most loved ones, and others. Prana Healing will improve your health and lifespan for healthy long life.

Through its webpage, books, lectures, workshops, and meditation classes, the Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization provides instruction and training on those powerful healing methods.

Why is the Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization doing this?

Modern medicine focuses on stopping the signs of sickness. While it is ignoring the big picture, without solving the cause on a higher level. Which often ends up in a demand for taking medicine as lifelong therapy. Which is the major interest of the pharma industry.

Differently, the approach of Prana Healing is to see, study, and understand the big picture and treat the causes of the signs of sickness on a higher level without taking medicine forever.

If you want to learn more, get your copy of the

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in 🇬🇧 English, 🇮🇩 Indonesian, and 🇩🇪 German language.


The Prana Healing Mission began in 2011 when co-founder Ni Komng Sukerni started as a yoga teacher. She understood, that there was more behind it than physical and breathing exercises. Further, she experienced the positive health effects of the prana practice, that's why she focussed on the healing practices. It turned out, that she has an amazing and interesting sense and skill for it. And she saw, how helpful prana healing is for her clients. She also became aware, that this is not a supernatural skill, and that everybody can learn and apply it.

Making this knowledge widely available, to overcome the blindness of modern medicine, is the purpose of the Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization.

Who are the people behind the Prana Healing Charity Organization?

Founders of the Prana Healing Foundation Charity Organization

Ni Komang Sukerni and Klaus Forster founded this charity organization in 2022 with a base capital of 100,000 €, plus donations from their wedding guests.

Further Donations Are Thankfully Welcome

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