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Online Power Yoga Class: YOUR Invitation For a FREE Training

This is your invitation for a FREE online power yoga class. Sign up, now!

Sign up now for online power yoga

Because the Power Yoga movements are very effective because they

  • Grow muscle,

  • Reduce weight,

  • Enhance balance and flexibility,

  • Recover and straighten your posture, as well as,

  • Strengthening your backbone.

Due to that, it is very beneficial for surfers!

blankPower Yoga is a combination of ashtanga and hatha yoga. The workouts concentrate on breathing, strengthening, and balancing. Power Yoga has more agile movements, so that, it generates a lot of energy and it makes you sweat.

You may join us on Sunday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Timezone: CIT (Central Indonesian Time, GMT / UCT +8 hours)

Tap on his

Online-Power Yoga Participation Link

to join the online event.

Please note: The former published Zoom-Link does not work anymore! Because, we had to change it, due to technical problems.

You may join with your mobile phone or computer. Please test the link before the class starts, to make sure, that your setup and internet connection works fine!

Sign up now for online power yoga

In case, you’d rather like to join the live-event

the next Power Yoga, 60 minutes outdoor yoga class starts each Sunday, April 4, at 4:00 p.m.

Location: Villa Kampoeng Saya – Google Maps Navigator Link

See you on the mat … for a pleasant Power Yoga Class!

Komang Sukerni
Prana Healing Yoga

Online Power Yoga Class

You are welcome to participate with your own mat for 100,000 IDR. But we have limited space for 10 participants only. That’s why, please let me know in advance if you want to join. Drop me a message by tapping on the WhatsApp button on the bottom right.

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