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Balancing Chakra Healing

Boost your Self-Confidence

by balancing your chakras with a Balinese blessing ceremony.

What lies behind us and what lies before we are a small matter compared to what lies within us. CHAKRAs are located at certain points in the human energy body. Their role is, to regulate and create energy to synergize with a person's physicality. So that, a person can move, think, and feel well. But a weakness, confusion, boredom, lack of enthusiasm, or even diseases may arise if there is a chakra problem or blockage in your chakra.

The healer will connect the energy of the universe and transfer it to the participants' bodies. So that, the participants become more relaxed and calm.

The Chakra healing process

1. Healer massages nerve points gently.

2. The healer will help to stretch the stiff muscles.

3. Chakra cleansing meditation with mantra fora every chakra.

4. The healer will place crystals in each chakra. Which neutralizes the problematic chakra with the support of the mantra.

5 . Finally, the healer will play a singing bowl to cleanse and provide peaceful, serene, and calm energy in your body and mind.

3 thoughts on “Balancing Chakra Healing

  1. The Chakra healing was such an amazing experience. The professionalism of the healer and the setting of the healing made the experience so enjoyable and unique.
    I can’t recommend it enough. I felt so at ease and relaxed after. She gave me a beautiful Balinese bracelet at the end which I still wear and gives me such a lovely reminder of it.

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